Having attended the ‘Leading Change’ course yesterday I’m just writing to let you know (primarily because I’m really excited) that I have my first follower in my ‘dream’ change that I planned yesterday! I went to my Head and sold him the dream. We’re setting up a working group to follow it through and prepare for September! I wanted to thank you for all your support – it really has been eye opening again. As much as I’ve always loved getting up to go to my job, I’m finding a new lease of ‘happiness’ because I’ve chosen it that way!

Nicola Mason
Assistant Headteacher at Chase Terrace Technology College


These courses although based upon the materials produced by the National College have been adapted and brought alive further through a dedicated writing team and facilitators of outstanding headteachers, senior practitioners and leaders in the education field. The training is not only current and relevant but has even more credibility because of their first-hand experience, expertise and proven track record of excellent leadership.


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the school visit you arranged as part of the NPQH programme. Inspiring is the only word that can describe the experience and it was an absolute pleasure to see staff be so passionate about what they do. As I looked around the school, I got chance to chat to few students and see their work…it was a real eye opener to what can be achieved. The school environment breathes shared school values and beliefs in every corridor, in every classroom, and it was a pleasure to see no blank walls or empty display boards, as I feel there is nothing better than showing what your students have achieved. Once again, thank you for this opportunity and one that I’d thoroughly recommend to others on the programme. You and your staff are a credit to the pupils and the community.

NPQH participant

International leadership project – Hong Kong

Dear Cavelle

My warmest thanks to you and all of your team for travelling to HK and delivering the transformational leadership programme, it proved to be a very successful four days. You really are a very special team and I hope everyone is now safely back in the UK and recovered from jet lag.

I cannot begin to tell you how positive the feedback has been to the delivery of the two NPQML and SL essential units, both officially through BOS and via continued anecdotes across the school, the words exemplary, inspirational and excellent are repeatedly spoken.

Not only were all those involved most impressed with the manner, particularly the enthusiasm and passion with which the units were delivered there is also a genuine appreciation that you were willing to travel half way around the globe for us. Words alone seem hardly adequate to express all of our thanks. I know that you took great care in selecting your team for us, everyone did a fantastic job and Kellett could not have asked for more.

I extend my warmest good wishes for the year ahead.

Ann McDonald
Principal at Kellett International School